Quickly and easily compare all files in a changeset, shelveset, or with pending changes in TFS to see what has changed. Instead of clicking on each file individually and choosing to compare it with a different version, just click one button to compare all of the files.

You may edit the extension's settings from the Tools -> Options... -> Diff All Files settings page.

Download this extension for Visual Studio 2012, 2013, or 2015 from the VS Extension Gallery.


  • Compare files one at a time, many files at a time, or with all files combined in a single file.
  • Uses the same diff (i.e. compare) tool that you have configured in Visual Studio.
  • Exclude comparing files with specific extensions, or files that have been added or deleted from source control.
  • Button to quickly close all diff tool windows that have been opened.
  • Specify the file versions to compare against (i.e. Unmodified, Workspace, Previous, Latest).

Screen shots

Before comparing files (left) and while comparing files (right):

Diff All Files section before doing a compare Diff All Files section while comparing files

Settings Screen (available in Visual Studio from Tools -> Options... -> Diff All Files):

Diff All Files Settings page

Coming Soon

Also compare all files in the Git Changes and Git Commit Details windows (VS 2013 only).


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